Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ruiz: Barcelona will help AMD out of the doldrums

According to foreign media reports, AMD CEO Ruiz Monday said the company expects the new chip, the four processing engines to help revive the fortunes AMD.

The release of AMD Barcelona chip, Ruiz of the reporters said: "The products will state clearly positive impact on corporate finance."

Ruiz said that the processing performance by providing faster and more efficient energy, Barcelona, AMD will strengthen the competitive advantage. The new processor also can conveniently make your computer run multiple operating system software, the so-called "virtualization" feature AMD Barcelona has been able to count on the competition with Intel to reverse the company's financial difficulties, so that their 40 billion in annual sales dollar to regain the market share of x86 processors. Over the past year, AMD shares fell 50%, while rival Intel shares were up 30%.

New York stock market closed Monday, AMD shares rose 2.6%, the stock rose to 12.94 U.S. dollars.

Ruiz also pointed out that the second half of this year, he forecast the market demand for personal computers will continue to remain strong because of the real estate industry to enhance consumers will not be affected by credit problems.

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