Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Using the form Jinshan Games record score

The annual school fall sports has come, this games a huge scale than in the past, project settings, the number of participants have significantly increased, if the manual records in accordance with usual statistical match results, certainly running around in circles, so the president gave the order , this track record and statistics at athletic meets computer to complete this arduous task naturally falls on the head of the Computer Teaching and Research Group.

However, when the results are found in the record track, for example to enter "6'12" said the achievement was 6 minutes and 12 seconds, according to both the small number keys on the keyboard, but also by a large sign on the keyboard keys, found that more than manual records also slow and, if so, then disgraced the. After tests showed that using the following method to quickly enter the track results.

Jinshan Open form, select the unit to enter the track format of the regional results, click the "Format" menu "cell", then click the "digital" tab, in the "Category" list, click the "Custom" , in the "type" box, enter "#'##", click "OK" button (Figure).

Thus, within the range of cells as long as the input "612", can be automatically transformed into "6'12", without using the large keyboard.

Tip: If you track results as "6'8", you need to enter the "608." If the track of the results are "16'18", in the cell "type" box to the custom format can be changed to "##'##".

Record results after sorting the data, it is easy to find the final results or the final rankings, with the above processing can greatly speed up data processing operation will be.

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